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Bungie admits they can learn from CoD4

Dustin Burg

Talking to, Bungie Studios' Lead AI Programmer, Damian Isla, talked about Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4's Xbox Live rivalry, admitting that they can learn a lot from CoD4's scripted single player experiences.

"We have a lot to learn from their success too," Isla admitted, "they [Infinity Ward] did some very innovative things to keep people going and their experience-rewards system was something that we paid a lot of attention to." Talking specifically about CoD4's single player events, Bungie's Isla mentioned that "it's a great game and single player obviously is fantastic" even going as far as to say that "the way that they use those moments to craft the player experience...Halo has a lot to learn from." Learning from CoD4? Yeah, why not? We don't think anyone could keep a straight face while calling either CoD4 or Halo 3 craptacular games as each has something to offer. Group hug!

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