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EA store dates Warhammer Online [UPDATED]

Samuel Axon

EDIT 3: Feel free to read all the ever-changing drama below for your amusement, but here's the final word right upfront: we've received word from Electronic Arts confirming that the official release date for Warhammer Online is September 18th for the North American, European, and Oceanic markets. Commence rejoicing!

The official EA online store has been updated with a big splash image pitching Warhammer Online to the masses, and the image prominently features a badge that reads: "Coming August 23!" This is not the first time that the EA website has touted a release date; it was only a couple weeks ago that it suggested September 23rd. But this one looks especially promising, seeing as how it's a carefully created image instead of just a text field entry. That's difficult to argue with!

On the other hand, that release date seems unrealistically close. Really, we don't know what to think! If you think this is legit then start your partying, dear readers. Upgrade your computers to meet the minimum specs! Read the official pre-order FAQ and our pre-order guide to find out where you should buy it if you're the type of person who pays extra for collector's editions!

Or you can play it safe and be skeptical; keep your cool and wait to see what happens.

[Thanks, Dean!]

EDIT: CVG is reporting that Mythic has confirmed a totally different date of September 18th -- a date shared by IGN-owned direct download vendor Direct2Drive. We're just as confused as you are; we don't know which date is right, if any. One thing is clear: someone somewhere messed up! Thanks to our readers for pointing this out in comments.

EDIT 2: The official European WAR site now features a press release absolutely confirming at least the European release date as September 18th. One possibility: August 23rd is the North American date. It's either that, or someone on the EA store staff messed up! Thanks again to our readers for the heads up.

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