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Hitachi rolls out 47-inch Wooo UT models in Japan

Steven Kim

Expect to see these new 47-inch Wooo LCD varietals outside of Japan sometime, but for now these are Japan-only. Up for grabs are the UT47-XP770 and UT47-XV700 models, with nary a difference in the panels themselves. Sure, the XP770 model comes in black or white trim, but what really sets the models apart is the 250GB HD DVR included in the XP770 tuner module. For now, at least, Hitachi is sticking with the iVDR media format for both the XP770 and XV700 models. All around, a pretty boring spec bump in the series whose name is supposed to illicit excitement. The specs that you loved in the Wooo lineup before haven't changed: 35-mm svelte profile, 1920 x 1080 pixel count and Wooonet connectivity. The UT47-XP770 will go for ¥480,000 ($4,400), but we couldn't find pricing on the UT47-XV700 model.

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