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Lenovo X200 128GB SSD order option gone, offers 64GB SSD for free


That wasn't fun at all, actually. Turns out the $-70 128GD SSD option for the ThinkPad X200 was not only a mistake, but the part isn't even available. Eager orderers received the following e-mail from Lenovo this morning:

Dear Valued Lenovo Customer,

We are contacting you with regard to your recent Lenovo X200 order.

Please note that we recently experienced a web error which caused the price of the 128GB Solid State Drive to be erroneously listed at $0.
Unfortunately, we are unable to honor this pricing; in addition, the part is currently not available.

As a token of appreciation for your patience and understanding, we are pleased to offer you a substitute of either a 64GB Solid State Drive
or a 200GB Hard Disk Drive (7200rpm) free of charge in place of the 128GB Drive.

To accept this offer, please reply to this email and fill out the below fields by Monday August 11th with your selection.

*** If we do not receive a reply by that date, your order will be cancelled at that time.

We can't exactly hate on Lenovo for not honoring the mistake, especially since they're offering a 64GB SSD in exchange for free.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

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