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Massively Speaking Podcast Episode 17

Michael Zenke

Massively Speaking Episode 17 is a short show to reflect the slow week in MMO news. Just the same Michael and Shawn had a few interesting things to talk about, including Massively's interview with the folks at 38 Studios and their recent guide to Guild Wars for WoW players. We also (thanks to a reader) have a drinking game for Massively Speaking! Come join us for the official rules to our "totally interesting" podcast drinking game, and a lot more.

Have a comment for the podcasters? Shoot us an email to podcast AT massively DOT com. Maybe we'll read your letter on the air!

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Read below the cut for the full show notes.

Show Notes For Massively Speaking Episode 17


Topics of the Week:
Massively Speaking Podcast Drinking Game:
  • Anyone says 'Interesting' is one drink
  • Michael says 'Definitely' is one drink
  • Michael says 'Totally' is one drink
  • Shawn says 'things like that' is two drinks
  • Shawn says 'stuff like that' is two drinks
  • Michael references pen & paper D&D is chug a half a beer
  • An awkward silence where a guest host is not sure for a moment if he/she went over the line and offended everyone is chug a full beer

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