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Namco Bandai profits take a dip in Q109


It's time for Namco Bandai to bring out the katamari and roll up some loose change, as profits dipped 63% from the same quarter last year. reports the company went from making $26 million in profit during Q108 to making only $9.2 million in Q109. The video game section of the company was the only division to see growth at 3.8% this quarter.

Much of Namco's sales this period came from Europe and Asia, with Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 selling 420,000 units in the former territory. Japan brought sales with Taiko Drum Master and Tales of Symphonia at 260,000 and 215,000 units, respectively. The company expects sales to pick up over the year, but has already forecast a 31% drop in profits for the full year. Hey, at least they're just making less profit and not sending cash into the ether like Midway.

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