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New info on Tetris Party's game modes


Aside from learning about Balance Board support and when the game would be releasing on WiiWare, we haven't heard much about what's in the Tetris Party game. Well, other than Tetris. We all pretty much know what's going on with that.

We now have some idea as to what gamers should expect from the title's many modes of play, though. There will be 18 different modes of play, with 10 of them supposedly being never-before-seen variations of single and multiplayer Tetris. Online modes will be titled World Battle and Friend Battle, where up to six players can take part in play simultaneously.

Aside from all of that, other modes were mentioned, including Stage Racer, Wii Balance Board Tetris Marathon, Field Climber, and Duel Space modes. We don't have any specific info on those, though, so we'll just have to wait until the game releases to spend some quality time with those modes.


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