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Sanjay Jha commits to reviewing Moto platforms, making needed hires in 90 days

Darren Murph

Sanjay Jha has a fairly daunting task ahead of him, but the new co-CEO is already vowing to stomp his foot down and make some changes for the better within three months. While speaking to an audience of analysts and media, the new Motorola exec stated that he would be reviewing the firm's device platforms / product roadmap within 90 days, and he's also planning to make "hires in areas where he doesn't have experience." Thankfully, that latter tidbit includes hires in product design, which -- judging by the looks of its Alexander -- really needs some fresh brains to step in. Of course, we wouldn't expect a new bigwig to say anything other than this, so the real test comes in T-minus eighty-some-odd days when we see how he delivers. The clock's ticking, Mr. Jha.

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