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SOCOM: Confrontation priced: digital, retail, and headset bundle

Surprising approximately no one, the final prices for the various releases of the multiplayer-only SOCOM: Confrontation have been announced. Tearing a page (and pricing sheet) straight out of the Warhawk playbook, Confrontation is being offered in both digital and Blu-ray variants, with the latter being offered in both stand alone and bundle versions.

Pricing for both the PlayStation Network download and the retail stand alone version is $39.99 while the retail bundle version – which includes the (rather attractive) PS3 Bluetooth headset along with "exclusive Behind the Scenes videos" – will be $20 more, at $59.99. No prices yet for the rest of the world, but Sony is aiming for a worldwide release of October 14th. Our magic eight-ball says we'll "most likely" hear a price before then.

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