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Sony: We don't want the senior citizen gamers


Sony's Scott Steinberg is not impressed by Nintendo's current success. In fact, he thinks his own company shouldn't adopt a similar strategy and try to obtain some share of the mass market. When asked about the Wii, and it's controller, in a recent interview, he commented that the "notion of that controller is a non-trivial point that you've brought up, that control and that familiarity is like comfort food - from my perspective, we lead, we don't follow."

Steinberg further went on to say that "as a brand, Nintendo's got their thing, and we're not trying to get the senior citizen group to get into gaming, we're looking to convert the PS2 owners and the tens of millions of installed base that were playing DVDs and playing games on their PS2, to now play Blu-ray movies and Blu-ray games with their PS3." Wait, was that a Sony representative saying they don't want more money? We thought the whole point of being a company was to earn money, so we're not sure why Sony would turn down a certain segment of the market, one Nintendo has proven are receptive to gaming and financially lucrative.

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