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Today in Joystiq: August 6, 2008

Ross Miller

In response to E for All's "pimping" of Fatal1ty's presence at their expo, the dynamic duo of Penny Arcade sent out an immediate press release assuring its community that the professional gamer will not be attending PAX 2008. Phew! Check out the highlights for today:

PS3 Fanboy's Trophy Portal now open
Readers pick best webcomic: Impressions of Nintendo's E3 conference

Tales of Vesperia special edition has many tales to tell
British model Gemma Atkinson to suit up for Red Alert 3
PS3 BioShock's 'survivor mode' finally explained
360 system update goes live, new features don't
Five LittleBigPre-order bonuses, including Kratos Sackboy
See Metal Slug 7 explode on DS
WAR to be waged on Sept. 18
Manson, AFI and Flyleaf coming to Guitar Hero III
Namco Bandai profits take a dip in Q109
Grand Theft Auto IV hitting PC on Nov. 18
Turner to sell GameTap, Time Warner reveals
Blizzard offering XP, mounts for recruiting friends
Xbox 360 DLC has brought in $240 million
SOCOM: Confrontation priced: digital, retail, and headset bundle
More Midway departures including Chicago studio head
Strong Bad finally arriving August 11
Jonathan Blow talks Braid pricing
Lars won't confirm Guitar Hero: Metallica (spoiler: it's happening)
GoldenEye XBLA stuck in 'no man's land'
Phantasy Star Portable sells like a Monster in Japan
Rock Band 2 for Wii won't skimp on features
Bungie: Halo can learn from Call of Duty 4
Spacetime lets half its staff go, Blackstar still needs publisher
Sega Sammy's stock rises on news of $100m net loss for Q109
How to get Geometry Wars 2's 'Smile' achievement
Traveller's Tales assembling more Warner Bros. LEGO titles
New Heavy Rain screenshots seek path out of Uncanny Valley
Massive Entertainment seeks new corporate overlords
Wii system menu hack released, region coding on the run
MGS inks 'perpetual' license for Havok tech
John Madden impersonator in Blitz: The League II

Rumors & Speculation
Rumor: Next Medal of Honor in Afghanistan, based on 2002 Operation Anaconda

Culture & Community
DMC's Ebony and Ivory replicas on sale
Mario and more re-created in Soul Calibur IV
Windows Vista + PS3 = Proof of Patience, and not much else $299 Xbox 360 Elite, 2 games, 2 faceplates
Spock to pimp new Trek MMO in Vegas
Eye of Judgment tourney starts Aug. 14

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