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Zero Punctuation takes a katana to Ninja Gaiden 2


It's been a while since Zero Punctuation's Yahtzee has loosed his venom on an unsuspecting Xbox 360 game. It's been far too long, really. Thankfully, Yahtzee's latest review is for none other than the Xbox 360's would-be premier action game, Ninja Gaiden 2. Expecting the worst, as we tend to do with ZP reviews, it turns out that he actually likes it ... to a degree, citing strengths (gameplay) and weaknesses (glitches and uneven difficulty). Frankly, we think it's a perfectly rational way to feel about the game (except for his preference of the claws, which pale in comparison to the double katanas). Check out the review after the break.

[Thanks, StLouisRibs7734]

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