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Daan air purifier kills the unbearable stench of rotting fish in style


Finally, purifying the air in your home doesn't have to make your pad look like it was ripped from the pages of the SkyMall catalog. If you put a value on looks (and you do, don't you?) you'll be pleased to know that a Korean designer has created the Daan -- a new purifier that gets the job done while actually looking somewhat stylish. The devices suck up dust and cat hair in a 161 sq. ft. space, but are modular in nature, allowing you to stack multiple units on a stand for cleaning larger spaces (they can also be separated and moved to smaller rooms). Home electronics-maker Coway will apparently manufacture the device, but we don't have a word on street date or price. Sure, they may still be killing you slowly, but at least they'll look good while doing it.

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