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LAN Party Massacre: yep, it's another video game movie


A Fred Savage film this is not. At the very least, LAN Party Massacre is living up to the one key tradition of the video game movie "genre" -- it looks terrible. But really, would we want it any other way?

The unadulterated synopsis, seriously:

"LAN Party Massacre is a comedy/horror slasher film currently in pre-production under Creatively Bankrupt Productions. Set in the modern-day United States, the film is a direct parody of Video game culture, while at its heart a classic Slasher film. The F5 Energy Drink company sponsors a LAN party Tournament, inviting top gamers from across the nation to compete for a major cash prize and a chance to defeat acclaimed professional gamer (and F5 patsy) 'MORT@L1TY.' Hardcore players, bloggers, shut-ins, cosplayers, and gamers from every walk of life come to witness the event. However, when a gamer pushed too far into the virtual world of killing begins to hunt the other attendees, his body count far surpasses his score. Through a keen blend of absurd humor, clever video game references, notable video game celebrity cameos, as well as lots of blood, creative deaths, and practical gore, LAN Party Massacre appeals to both gamers and horror film buffs alike."

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