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Qore Episode 3 detailed; Resistance 2 beta access in Sept.

If you're already an annual subscriber to the PlayStation Network's Qore "magazine" then you're undoubtedly already content with your purchase, having scored Calling All Cars, a beta invite to SOCOM: Confrontation (beta forthcoming), some interstitial advertising and, of course, two issues of interactive-y content. If you've been waiting to drop your virtual bucks on an annual subscription, today's installment should probably be on your radar because, as you undoubtedly remember, that subscription grants one access to the Resistance 2 beta program in September.

Here's the bad news: That access to the SOCOM beta you've been waiting for ... well, it won't start until September 8th (incidentally a full week after it kicks off for those who pre-ordered). The Resistance 2 beta: also September (and also after those pesky pre-order folks). So what we're trying to say here is this: your September is probably going to be pretty busy playing multiplayer PlayStation 3 shooters that aren't out yet. For more details on this month's episode of Qore, hit up that Source link or watch the trailer after the break.

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