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Comcast mulling Blu-ray purchases after VOD fun is over?

Darren Murph

Not that a survey necessarily assures us that this will happen, but Comcast is at least thinking about offering its subscribers the option of buying a DVD or Blu-ray (HD DVD is mentioned, though we're hoping its an egregious oversight) once a video-on-demand movie is finished. No specific prices look to be hammered out just yet, but the questions revolved around how many discs users would buy at given price points or how many they'd buy if the cost of the VOD rental was discounted. Interestingly enough, rival Cablevision has been doing this with new release DVDs since February, though we're not sure if Comcast would be looking to Popcorn DVDs On Demand for its iteration of the service. Even if this does launch, would any of you buy your flicks in this manner?

[Thanks, Nathan]

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