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EverQuest II seeks more Living Legacies until Sept. 30th

Samuel Axon

Apparently happy with results from earlier in the summer, SOE has added a new phase to the Living Legacy program. This time, all inactive EverQuest accounts may now try EverQuest II and all its expansions for free until September 30th. Yes, you read that right: inactive EverQuest accounts, not EverQuest II accounts. Looks like SOE is trying to bring old customers into the 21st century!

Participants also get $5 towards the purchase of this fall's new expansion (assuming they upgrade to a paying account) and a bunch of in-game items including a pet drake, a 12-slot bag, and a bag of XP potions. Word on the street is that the previous iteration of the Living Legacy program was a big success, so SOE is probably trying to keep the ball rolling.

Note, though, that this isn't being offered to current EverQuest subscribers, just lapsed ones. Apparently SOE doesn't want to lose current EQ players to EQ2, but if you're playing neither right now, it wants you to play the more modern one. Makes sense.

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