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Halo 3 takes home Gphoria GOTY honors

Dustin Burg

Even though it released last September to a flurry of excitement, it is still the most played game on Xbox Live, still holds crazy ridiculous sales records and still has a loyal fanbase, which is probably why Halo 3 was selected as G4's Gphoria 2008 Game of the Year. Beating out other worthy GOTY contenders like BioShock, MGS4 and CoD4, Halo 3 barely squeaked away a win in the closest Gphoria GOTY vote ever. Decided by less than 40 votes. Watch Bungie's acceptance speak (flaming Recon FTW!) and give a congratulatory shout out to team Bungie. Long live the Halo 3!

[Thanks, Glitch W]

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