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Mega Man 9 soundtrack to Rock(man) Japan soon


Mega Man 9, Capcom's forthcoming platformer that is so 1987 it hurts, is planning to release two soundtracks for the game in Japan this fall.

The first of these emerges on September 12th (to coincide with the title's release), and will feature all of the 35 original 8-bit recordings that were created for the game. The second will come out this October 10th, and will contain arranged versions of Mega Man 9's soundtrack. We'd like to import both, if only so we can gaze at that brilliant cover art whenever we feel like it.

In related news, the soundtracks will not be falling in line with the retro philosophy that pervades Mega Man 9's development. Instead, they'll both be available on the very modern medium of CD, and not on compact cassette or wax cylinder or anything.


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