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North American Gamestops to catch Palkia/Dialga DS Lite

We imagine that you, like us, have a cupboard in your dwelling that contains a dozen or so different models and hues of Nintendo's latest handheld. Every morning, you peruse your collection, trying to decide which DS suits your mood for that day -- perhaps the triforce-branded DS Lite, or the classic gray brick? As your ponder, you realize your collection is incomplete without the Poké-flavored handheld that reared its head in Japan nearly two years ago. You then consider selling your kidneys on the black market to afford a plane ticket to Tokyo, until your pushy physician informs you that you might need those.

Good news -- your precious organs can remain part of your body, as North American Gamestops recently began promoting the special edition DS Lite, branded with the critters on Pokémon Diamond and Pearl's box art -- Dialga and Palkia. The paltry sum of $129.99 will net you the system, a matching case, a 22-minute Pokémon Dungeon DVD, a poster featuring fellow pocket-sized monster Grovyle, and a T-shirt. No release date was announced for the bundle, but if Nintendo wishes for the new model to be truly relevant, we suggest launching it sometime last year.

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