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BlackBerry Thunder getting October 13 date with destiny on Verizon?

Chris Ziegler

We guess the BlackBerry fanfare is still focused on the Bold until we get past a whole bunch of launches around the world, but beyond that, the biggest news has to be the Thunder, RIM's first full touchscreen device (and indeed, its first touchscreen device period). Like the KickStart-to-Pearl metamorphosis, the Thunder name is anything but set in stone -- in fact, we'd venture to guess it'll be something else by the time it launches -- but it now seems that we can at least nail down a model number: 9530. Verizon documentation leaked to Boy Genius Report is showing a "RIM BlackBerry BB9530 Global" in its ranks, which is allegedly scheduled for an October 13 launch. Of course, we all know how this works: even if the October 13 date is legit, a whole host of contingencies could end up slipping the date by days, weeks, or even months, so don't plan a vacation around it just yet (and don't even act like you've never taken a day off to play with a new cellphone, you gadget lovin' son of a gun).

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