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Famitsu reveals Captain Rainbow details

As our extreme fondness for Seaman clearly shows, we absolutely adore bizarre games. Sure, Nintendo's upcoming Wii title Captain Rainbow may have a severe lack of Nimoy and man-faced fish, but it more than makes up for it with trippy visuals and an all-star (well, half-star) cast of Nintendo's supporting characters. We're definitely intrigued by what we've seen from the game, though we weren't sure exactly how we were going to interact with the lonely Birdo and a morbidly obese Little Mac -- until a recent Famitsu article revealed a few details about the title's gameplay.

As our Wiimote-toting brethren at Wii Fanboy succinctly observed -- Captain Rainbow appears to be one part Animal Crossing, and one part action. The titular yo-yo wielder will make his way about Mimin island, helping its inhabitants and playing certain minigames, the rewards for which are crystals known as "kirarin". Collecting 20 kirarin will open up one of the game's action portions, in which the Captain will traverse a side-scrolling level to collect a falling star, which will grant the wish of one of the island's inhabitants. That seems just bizarre enough to ensure the game won't be coming to America, but our fingers are crossed nonetheless.

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