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Cryptic reveals first Star Trek Online in-game trailer

Kyle Horner

This download is for all of you -- us included -- who've been patiently awaiting the arrival of some in-game footage of Cryptic's Star Trek Online. Everything you're seeing in this trailer is in-game footage and while the art direction is a tiny bit "cartoonish" for our tastes it's certainly not bad by any means. Though we do have to admit that EVE Online looks like it may trump Star Trek Online in terms of shockingly beautiful objects floating around in space. It's still early though so all bets are off. In fact, for all we know there could be some crazy black holes or binary star systems just waiting for the chance to grab ahold of our jaws and slam them to the floor.

We do have to admit that the combat looked pretty well developed for a game that just got announced. The fact that there's both space-battles and in-ship battles being shown in the first trailer gives us hope for an earlier-than-expected release date. We guess that we'll just whittle our time away with some superhero MMO until that time comes. Right, Cryptic?

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