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The Daily Grind: Going to Gen Con or Fan Faire?

Michael Zenke

Later this week gaming fans have a hard choice: will they be going to Gen Con in Indianapolis, Indiana? Or will they be attending Sony Online Entertainment's Fan Faire in Las Vegas, Nevada? It's just the first of several hard choices you're going to have to make this month, as nerdcore convention season officially swings into high gear. All month long events like Dragon*Con, Leipzeig, and PAX will vie for your attention. And guess what? Massively will be at almost every event, reporting on the MMO news as it happens.

But right now we're focused on this week. We've got bloggers going to both the palace of tabletop gaming (Gen Con) and the dark heart of SOE fandom (Fan Faire). Will you be there as well? Shout out below, and let us know what you're most looking forward to. Maybe we'll see each other there!

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