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Beginner's guide to LotRO housing: Decorating

Shawn Schuster

Decorating your house can be achieved several different ways. You can purchase furniture, wall coverings, paint and ambient music from a furnishing NPC, usually found in your homestead's town square. You can also craft many of these items or have them crafted for you by other players. Woodworkers and Foresters can make furniture, Scholars can make wall paint, Jewellers can make chandeliers and so on. You can also decorate with trophies that you win throughout your time playing. We'll explain those more in the next section, but for now, let's concentrate on normal decorations.

To enter Decoration Mode, simply enter your house or yard and click on the small icon attached to the lower left corner of your radar map, just next to the housing panel icon. You will see small areas surrounded by a faint blue glow. These are the only places where decorations can be added, and each one is restricted by type. For example, an item labeled as Large Wall can only fit into a Large Wall spot. Once you decide what you want to place in the appropriate spot, simply right-click on the blue glowy area, drag the icon from your inventory (you'll see usable items outlined in yellow) over to the empty icon slot in the decoration window, and from there you can rotate to your heart's content.

Inside your home near the front door you'll notice small icons for wall colour, wall surface, floor surface and ambient music. These are all for use with the corresponding items that you've already purchased, and works the same say as everything else in Decoration Mode. After you've set everything up just as you like it, you can leave Decoration Mode and admire your handiwork.

Keep in mind as well that any purchases made with the homestead NPCs gives you an automatic 10% discount for "buying local". If you have a kinship house in the neighborhood, the discount is 15%, which will not stack if you own both in the same neighborhood.

Now that we know the basics of decorating, let's move on to trophies>>

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