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Blu-ray releases on August 12th, 2008

Ben Drawbaugh

Yet another slow release week for both DVD and Blu-ray, as the HD format has 15 new titles and nothing to watch. Okay, saying they are nothing is a little much, but a week where just about every title is a catalog title, and the biggest news is that Fox is finally releasing a TV show on Blu-ray, isn't anything to call home about. Although we're not big Prison Break fans, we are happy to see more TV shows being released on Blu-ray day date with DVD. The only other title that is really standing out is Smart People, which is also day and date and at 6.6, has a decent enough IMDB score. Looking forward towards the rest of the Summer, it looks like much of the same, there are some good catalog titles on the horizon though, as well as plenty of catch up titles from Universal like the anticipated Heroes, seasons one and two.

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