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CEPro details Monitor Audio PLC150 "compact" center channel speaker

Steven Kim

Speakers are probably one of the least-frequently updated components in a system, so it pays to take your time selecting them. For fans of Monitor Audio who have been waiting for the company to release the compact PLC150 center channel speaker, our friends at CEPro have some good news for you. The speaker is set to demo at next month's CEDIA, and should be available in October. Okay, "compact" is a relative term -- the speaker packs two 6.5-inch metal bass/mid cones and a ceramic-coated ribbon tweeter into its frame -- but that's what you'd expect from the company's top Platinum line, right? If you're tired of that hole where a center channel should be in your Monitor Audio setup, you've got a couple of months to save up $3,300 for your new toy.

[Image courtesy CEPro]

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