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Five minutes inSIDE inFAMOUS


The first PS3 title from Sly Cooper creator Sucker Punch was shown behind closed doors at E3, which is a shame. inFAMOUS looks great, leveraging its developer's talents in art design, animation, and platforming to create an electrifying open-world action experience.

We've already reported on what we saw of this promising 2009 title; now it's your chance to get a five-minute guided tour of the game. There are no edits in this HD vid (courtesy of G4), so you get a feel for what it's like to have a developer walking you through its creation. Of course, this also means there's plenty of running around not doing much, since all the cool bits haven't been condensed into a trailer.

The parts of this video that stand out most are the platforming (strong Assassin's Creed vibe there), a moment in combat when the player "restrains" a foe to the ground with electricity, and a very unique use of his powers – acting as a human defibrillator to jump-start the heart of a dying pedestrian. Click here to watch the full clip at G4.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

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