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Gigawave in-car HD camera survives trial by fire at 24 Hours of Spa

Steven Kim

Auto racing and HD is a great match, no doubt. Even if you're like us and prefer being at road course events in person, there's one vantage point that only HDTV can give you -- those in-car camera shots that make the kid inside us all scream "vroom." But if you see something like the pic above, that scream might be more... colorful. The in-car Gigawave HD camera mounted in the #6 Phoenix Carsport Corvette Z06 at the 24 Hours of Spa race in Belgium last weekend was seriously put to the test and came out looking like a champ. The Z06 burst into flames in pit lane, and the camera kept working through the whole incident and caught all the excitement. Luckily the driver wasn't hurt. Amazingly, the car was put back out on the track and the camera was still fully functional after the incident. Click on through for video of the incident.

[Video courtesy Brightcove]

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