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Miyamoto's hobbies are none of your business


In news of the weird, The Times Online reports that Nintendo is (politely, we're sure) asking master game designer Shigeru Miyamoto – you know, the guy that made that game with the plumber and the gorilla? – not to discuss his hobbies outside of games with ... anyone. According to the article, "any glimpse inside his head could be worth billions," which is why we're crating up our MRIs of his noggin and shipping them off to Area 51.

The Times makes a rather bold assumption that Miyamoto basically designs everything at Nintendo, including its consoles – he does have a good deal of influence, but the Big N has at least a few other employees – stating that, with regards to the Wii's successor, the "only place where the discussion [of its design] has any grounding is inside Mr. Miyamoto's head."

We imagine all this talk of Miyamoto's hobbies has its roots in the origins of Pikmin, which Mario's papa has publically stated was inspired by his time spent gardening, or Zelda, which was at least partially influenced by his love of exploring caves near his home as a young boy. Actually, it may be Devil World, which was based on his very favorite hobby: dressing up as a dragon and battling demons in Pac-Man-like mazes. Yep, that's definitely it.

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