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Motorola i365 is rugged, unapologetically ugly

Chris Ziegler

Some phones just don't have to be cute; not even remotely so. They're too busy getting slung with mud, drenched with water, and baked in the sun to really put a priority on good looks -- and if any class of handsets can really get away with that sort of philosophy, it'd have to be Motorola's iDEN workhorses. The lineup has historically been a favorite of construction crews whose phones have a tendency to take a constant beating, and this should be another hot seller in that vein (for as long as iDEN lasts, anyway): meet the i365, a push-to-talk candybar without a single pretty bone in its entire body. It manages to pack both Bluetooth and GPS, so it's not a total slouch in the feature department -- but rest assured, it dispenses of luxuries like a camera, an intenna, or an expansive display. No word on when it'll launch or where it'll be available, but odds are good you'll never hear about it again unless your boss sets one on your desk.

[Via Phone Scoop]

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