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PAX schedule gets posted, devoured, fretted over

Kevin Kelly

PAX 2008 is less than three weeks away, and they've finally released their schedule. The best way to describe it is chock full of goodness. There's something for everyone in here, with panels like, "History of Harmonix: THE ROCKENING" and "Writing For Video Games," but we imagine all the attention will be focused on the "How To Get Your Girlfriend Into Gaming" panel at 11:30 AM on Sunday. Of course, that conflicts with the Wil Wheaton panel, so you're going to have to choose your poison.

Joystiq will be there frantically trying to clone ourselves so we can cover as much as possible. There should be some surprise announcements, plenty of hands-on gaming action (including a lot of tabletop games), and of course The Omegathon! Stay tuned to Joystiq during PAX, August 29th through the 31st for as much coverage as we can pack in.

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