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Rumor: We really hope these are the Fable 2 achievements

Justin McElroy

A supposed list of achievements for Fable 2 has popped up on and though we can't vouch for the validity of the list (it looks a little off, doesn't it?) we really hope it's on the level. Some of the achievements on the list, say getting married to more than one woman or taking part in an orgy "responsibly," are, as our Gammy might say, a real hoot.

But, troublingly, neither of the displayed Gamertags show up when searched, so we're a little bit nervous about the whole ordeal. However, we're still holding out hope that we'll one day be rewarded for kicking a chicken "a respectable distance."

[Via X3F]

[Update: Is it possible to hint at a confirmation? If so, Lionhead just did it. Looks like this is pretty much legit. Thanks to HeartbreakRidge for the heads-up.]

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