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Rumored BlackBerry Javelin specs: WiFi, GPS, awesome display

Chris Ziegler

If that 3G action on the Bold is just a little too extreme for your EDGE mind to handle, fear not: the more pedestrian Javelin is looking hotter by the minute. Newly leaked spec documents reveal a phone that is fully modern in every single way but one -- its lack of HSDPA -- with a 512MHz core, 256MB of onboard storage, that gorgeous 480 x 360 display taken right out of the Bold's playbook, WiFi with UMA support, and a 3.2-megapixel cam. All told, it's looking ripe for T-Mobile as a replacement for the Curve in its HotSpot @Home lineup -- if RIM would hurry up and frickin' launch it, that is. We still haven't heard anything to make us believe it'll launch before next year as we'd been told a while back, and we're not sure how a company like RIM can justify launching a brand new 2.5G device in the year 2009, but we're sure they'll push a few if the price is right.

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