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Dell lets slip new, sexy Precision M6400, M4400 and M2400 mobile workstations


Dell seems to at last put those eye-sore days behind it with its new round of Precision laptops, the M6400, M4400 and the M2400, featuring all-new designs and colored lids, and following up on the 17-inch M6300, 15.4-inch M4300 and the 14-inch M2300, respectively. In the M6400 17-inch flagship "concept" Dell is offering up to 16GB of RAM, 1TB RAID storage, 100% Adobe RGB color gamut in an LED-backlit display, and high-end NVIDIA Quadro graphics. The M4400 starts at $1,569 and has space for up to 8GB of RAM, while the M2400 weighs a mere 4.77 pounds and starts at $1,449. The launch window for these is Fall 2008, hopefully Dell will share a few more tech specs before it expects us to take the plunge.

[Via Electronista]

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