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Denon's AVR-5308CI receiver reviewed, price and value high

Steven Kim

For most folks, it's hard to think of any $5,500 receiver as a "value purchase," but as we've seen before, "value" can get pretty slippery at the high end. Audioholics has put up a very detailed review of Denon's flagship AVR-5308CI receiver, just to test the value of the unit. If you want need a reference-quality centerpiece to your HT setup, we'd be hard-pressed to disagree with the analysis. First, think of the unit as a top-of-the-line Denon AVP-A1HDCI preamp/processor and a seven-channel amplifier that share a power cord, all in one tidy (and massive) chassis. Now consider the $7,500 price tag on that AVP-A1HDCI -- that's $2,000 more than the receiver, and you still have to shell out for an amplifier (or seven). Of course, maybe after the first $5,500, you won't feel the additional $2,000. Somehow we don't think that's true -- check your bank balance and hit the link for the review, not necessarily in that order.

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