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EA reveals Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure for DS


Neat hat on a clever noggin news now, with EA announcing Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure (working title), a platformer/puzzler for the Nintendo DS. Developed by an EA Tiburon team under the publisher's Casual Entertainment label, Hatsworth hopes to fuse the "action of an adventure game with the challenge of a puzzle game," with players switching between "action-platform" screens and "the increasingly challenging puzzle world."

EA promises over 30 levels and five "exotic" worlds for the geriatric genius to explore, complete with power ups, enemies and "outrageous world-ending bosses." The game's executive producer, Scott Walker, describes it as "an incredibly unique game" that you "won't want to put down" once it ships in 2009 -- which either means it's very good, or it has some sort of explosive detonator strapped to the back of the cartridge.

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