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Guildwatch doesn't have time to play games, either

Mike Schramm

And yet we play World of Warcraft all the time. You wouldn't think this tiny little tell, above, would cause a guild to rupture apart, but in fact it did exactly that -- Runforyalife sent this tell to someone, they posted it on the forums, and the next thing you know, the GM had kicked Run right out. For his part, Run regrets what he said (we think the GM is a little testy, and whoever posted the tell is at fault, too), but there's a point to be made here: even the little tells you send in game can cause big trouble.

All this drama and more after the break. We've got good news too, though: there are guild downings aplenty, as well as a few recruiting notices (though it seems recruiting has slowed down with the Wrath beta in full force. If you've got a tip, send it to as always. Click the link below to read on.


  • Knights of the Horde on Aman'thul wants other guilds on the server to know: High Voltage is trying to poach players by promising them spots in BT. Not that a spot in BT is bad, but poaching guildies isn't all that cool. For their part, HV says they want specifics, so it sounds like if they find out someone is trying to poach, they'll bring the hammer down. But they don't show up again in the thread, so who knows what happened.
  • KJ is DOWN AGAIN is experiencing a quick resurgence on Dragonmaw -- back when BC launched, Kil'jaeden was one of those servers that couldn't quite cut it, so an alt guild was formed (of all albino Tauren, apparently) on Dragonmaw so people could still play. And this past weekend, there were more problems with KJ, so the guild came back, even to the annoyance of some Dragonmaw residents. Our tipster says they've had some trouble making themselves known, though -- doesn't help that KJ is now the very last boss of the game.
  • We're not quite sure we understand the tell above (is that English?), but it caused some problems in Casualties of Aggro on Rexxar this week -- Runforyalife is the Mage class leader of the guild, but we should really say "was," because when the GM got word of this tell, Runforyalife (whose main is Runefire) got /gkicked. He says his comments were taken out of context, which seems true -- the real fault here is with the GM, who apparently /gkicked a good guildie for legitimately disagreeing with decisions made. Oh but there's more -- apparently the person who posted the tell publicly has some past problems with CoA as well. Ah what a tangled web we weave.
  • New Hotness got a guild application from another player with a not-so-great reputation on Frostmane, and it was going OK... until it wasn't. "Please get over yourselves. I have no time for games." Not exactly the way you convince a high end guild to take you to raids with them.
  • The Naked Fear on Korgath sent us a fun feature from their website -- they've got a page that lets you list your top ten priorities for all the gear that drops in Karazhan, and that way they can see what everyone wants and needs, and can give out loot fairly from that end. Pretty cool -- it's not completely dramaproof in terms of drops, but since certain gear only shows up for certain specs, and it requires guildies to think seriously about what they want from the raid, it does take a lot of the guesswork out of the process before the raid even starts.
  • Ninja alert: Koraine, formerly of Gilneas, attempted a ninja from a Kalecgos downing, with the items saved only thanks to the luck of another need roller and the help of a GM. But apparently once wasn't enough for Koraine -- after a suspected transfer, Ascendant believes they've headed off to Medivh and tried to join another T5 guild there. Just one more reason not to use anything but Master Looter during a raid of more than 5 people.
  • We're not sure what exactly is going on with Fruits of Elune over on Cenarion Circle, but apparently there's a girl who allegedly "got friendly" with some guild members (some NSFW language on the page), used that as leverage for epics and then left town? It's probably all fake, though -- no girl that pretty has enough free time to waste it playing WoW, right?
  • Drunken Monkey on Undermine got taken hostage, though again, we're not sure why -- apparently some newly appointed leader thought he could run the guild better than its members (though he also apparently just wanted access to the guild's bank slots). Note to future dramabombers: please be very clear about just why you're doing this idiotic stuff. Makes it a lot easier for us to make fun of you.
  • Another Ninja alert: Dragonheart of Death Vengeance on Shattered Halls. But it's ok guys -- after he did it, it was all the guild's fault, because they didn't talk to him like an adult. Instead, they just /gkicked him and called him names. Here's the thing, bud: if you want to get treated like an adult, don't steal stuff out of the guild bank in the first place.
  • This recruitment thread that turns dramatic on page 2 is pretty tame by our standards. But it's still fun drama anyway.
  • Matador on Madoran recently celebrated their first birthday with a bunch of in-game fun. Sounds like it was a good time.
  • Fortis Conventus on Kargath downed Vashj downed this past weekend, as well as finished off Azgalor. Archi is on notice, and BT lurks on the horizon. They're also recruiting healers to raid, experience preferred (not required), but please have a sense of humor and be ready to have fun while progressing.
  • Epiunion on Laughing Skull has been through some tough times lately but they're back and raiding now, rolling up through SSC and most of Mount Hyjal as well. Kael is on notice for next time -- good to see that even if you decided to take a break, you can come back with a vengeance.
  • Silent Redemption on Feathermoon fully cleared ZA, finally downing Hex Lord Malacrass and Zul'Jin this week! Vashj is still on notice. Grats!
  • Wolf Guards on EU Nordrassil saw Warlord Karathress fell before them, dropping their first ever T5 tokens. Grats!
  • Tempest of Dath'remar-A downed Illidan last night, which turned out to be a great present for GM Goodie. Nice job.
  • Lexington on Kul'Tiras-A downed Kalecgos and have put Brutallus on notice (85% on two practice attempts). They also nabbed their first Glaive OH drop from Illidan. They aren't actively recruiting but are considering highly skilled/geared players for membership.
  • Acid Burn on Medivh had a good raiding week and downed High Warlord Naj'entus in Black Temple and one-shotted Anetheron in Mount Hyjal. Supremus is on notice. Feel the Burn!
  • Mutilate of EU Nagrand downed Kalecgos in a server Horde first this week. Very nice.
  • The Bit Players on Lothar-A thought Kael'thas and A'lar were feeling unloved, so they went up to pay them a visit, and Al'ar came out of it a bit for the worse -- he was crumpled up on the ground giving up loot. Kael'thas is officially on notice for next time.
  • Joint Task Force Two on Magtheridon finally (after many attempts of the horrendous trash, we hear) took down Rage Winterchill. Al'ar is on notice for next time, and Hydross is the recipient of many angry glances.
  • Wild West, one of the Leftovers charters on Silver Hand-A took their first trip into Black Temple last week, and downed Naj'entus and Supremus. And the next day they walked back in and did it again. Shade of Akama's going down next time.
  • Burning Soul of Aman'Thul downed Lady Vashj last time, putting them at just Kael left before finishing off TK and SSC.
  • Hordecore on Echo Isles-H has recruited enough to start raiding again, and they've now taken out Kaz'rogal twice. They're heading back in again soon and looking for even more progression.
  • After a long night of attempts at Gorefiend, Reborn on Frostmane-A got him to 1% on their last attempt. But they weren't satisfied with that -- they stayed overtime and dropped him for good. Grats!
  • Dusk Raiders, Cenarion Circle-A, has successfully killed Gurtogg Bloodboil. "We all walk in single file to take Bloodboil," they say cryptically.
  • After warning Lurker Below that it was next, Adventurers of the Harp have not only fried him for lunch, but have gone into Black Temple and had revenge on Void Reaver. Three first kills in less than a week, not bad for a bunch of RPing raiders from Earthen Ring EU. Not bad at all.
  • Gentlemen's Club of Uldum-A downed Kil'jaeden, and they say it's only the second Kil'jaeden kill in the Cyclone battlegroup (Poor Play of Uldum-A was the first). Grats!
  • Dire Beef on Dark Iron traded their normal well-done steaks for grilled fish with their first Lady Vashj downing. They took her out on their first night of the second week of attempts. Kael'thas is next -- don't worry, Kael, DB is inc.
  • Reverb on Anvilmar has been on a roll -- Zul'jin, Tidewalker, Rage, Hydross and Solarian have all been dropped in the past week. Very nice job -- grats to all who picked up the lewts.
  • Equilibrium on Echo Isles-A has resumed its push to finish progression before Wrath hits. They finally got Zul'jin dead to complete ZA, and downed Morogrim and Fathom Lord to go 5/6 in SSC. They also killed Void Reaver again, and got guild first kills on Solarian and Al'ar on the first night for each. We'll put Vashj on notice for next time for ya'll.
  • Didactic on Lethon downed Vashj after three months of frustrating attempts. Shout out, we're told, to guild leader Polishprynce.
  • No More Drama (which, they say, is more unintentional irony than an actual promise) downed High King, Gruul and Magtheridon. Mag is giving them some more trouble as they get him on farm, though, so he's back on notice. They're also recruiting a well geared Pally tank or two, and maybe a few more resto Shaman/Druid healers.
  • Pango Honoratus of Twisting Nether-H has downed the Hexlord of Zul'Aman. Zul'jin got downed to 39% on the first attempt, so he's on notice for next time.
  • Fuse got the server-first kill of Kil'jaeden on my new home server, Cenarius. Grats, guys, I'll see you around the server!
  • Grim on Shattered Halls downed both Kael and Archi on back-to-back nights. And speaking of backs, Illy D better be watchin' his.
  • EGA (End Game Alliance) on Lothar-A took down High King Maulgar and Gruul in its first official week of raiding. Magtheridon is on notice. EGA is a guild alliance for people who want to see some of the higher tier content. It is currently made up of people from Generations and Ministry of Silly Walks. Contact Khaylene ingame if your guild is interested in joining.
  • Natural Order a seriously casual, casually serious guild on Farstriders has downed Zul'Jin, becoming only the fourth Horde guild on that server to do so (and only one of two that currently exists), and is getting ready for some earnest Bear Mount attempts while supplies last. Good luck!
  • Tabula Rasa, on Tanaris downed Kael'thas after roughly four nights of solid attempts, becoming the 3rd Alliance guild on the server to have the Hand of Ad'al title. Progression on the server may be slow, but we're told Tabula Rasa has smoked the other guilds progression-wise in the short time they've been around, leaving the other guilds, who rely on T6 recruits, in the dust.
  • Dauntless of Exodar downed Kael, which means they're done with T5 and well into Hyjal.
  • The Circle of Pain on Blood Furnace was able to down Gruul for the first time. All of them are so proud, they say, "we're bursting!" Don't you mean shattering?
  • Osiris on Tanaris has finally taken down Kael and cleared Tempest Keep. Very nice job.
  • Stoic on Anvilmar is recruiting a Holy IDS/COH Priest, and Shadow Priest. If you are a great player looking for a good guild please throw an application in.
  • Virtual Insanity of Echo Isles is farming all T4 content. They're also running two ZA groups and is going 6/6 steadily in there, including the timed event. They're still looking for more Shamans, Priests, Paladins and Druids. All other exceptional players will of course be considered.
  • Nocturnal on Nordrassil-H is recruiting Shadow Priests and Holy Paladins. They raid late nights, with progression nights on Thursdays, and alt nights on the weekends. Apply at the website to join. They're currently 5/6 and 3/4 and working on Vashj (who's on notice) and Kael.
That's it for GW this week. Until next week, as always, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including the strange case of Rob Parkins, and the Robin Hood of Gurubashi. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!

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