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Khaner dies for love in latest Resistance 2 viral video

Alan Tsang

Glenn Khaner, who was chosen for this week's injection on the Resistance 2 ARG website Project Abraham, dies a rather horrific death in the latest video. What is different about Khaner death is that it really tugs at your heartstrings; if you examine his dossier, it shows a transcribed conversation he had with Nathan Hale where Khaner admits he intentionally failed a placement exam in order to be sent to Alaska. Now, if you listen to Dr. Aklin's recordings, she alludes to a past relationship she had with Glenn where she "broke his heart" and talks about the guilt she currently feels as she is falling in love with Hale. It is at this point one realizes Khaner entered into Project Abraham just so he could be in the proximity of Alkin.

Hale's induction video is now viewable and he is one of the candidates for injection. Currently, 76% of votes currently going to him. Who are you voting for this week?

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