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MetroPCS says "yes" to LTE for 4G

Chris Ziegler

Even casual observers may have noticed a pronounced trend in the 4G announcements lately: pretty much everything's turning up LTE. That's good news for global unity, infrastructure and handset development, roaming capability, and time to market, we figure -- and while MetroPCS' 4G declaration in particular really doesn't have a ton of bearing either way, it's just another tiny nail (call it a thumbtack, if you will) in UMB's coffin. The regional carrier used its second quarter earnings call as the venue to announce that it'll be transitioning to LTE for its next-gen footprint, and it won't be wasting much time, either. Said CEO Roger Lindquist, "I think the world is going there, the world phone will be a reality. I think you'll see some interesting developments here over the next six to twelve months." That's a ridiculously aggressive schedule, but it might be an easier one to stick to for a regional like MetroPCS with a smaller total upgrade expenditure. You know where to send the review handsets if that works out for you, guys.

[Via RCR]

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