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    Mitsubishi's 1080p LT-52148 LCD HDTV gets reviewed

    Darren Murph

    If Mitsubishi's WD-65735 proved a bit too, shall we say, bulky for your needs, those loyal to the brand may be wondering how the remarkably thinner LT-52148 performed. PC Magazine was able to get a set over on the test bench, and while the 52-inch 1080p panel was stunning (as was the ultrathin bezel), the excessive sharpening artifacts, elevated greens and above average (read: more than desired) power consumption left reviewers underwhelmed. Furthermore, the speakers consistently distorted when pushed over halfway on the volume scale, and the menu navigation was deemed "sluggish" at best. Overall, the set was a perfectly mixed bag, with just enough negatives to persuade prospective customers to check other options first. Think we're bluffing? Check out the read link below and see for yourself.

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