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Next Warhawk update is good news for newbs


What you're looking at in that there screen is something that addresses one of the chief complaints about Sony's ever-expanding online shooter, Warhawk: a training mode. After all, with no single-player campaign or bots to speak of, new purchasers basically get dropped into the fray with more skilled opponents, left to fend for themselves. For the forthcoming v1.5 patch, developer Incognito is introducing – among many other things – four tutorial missions, each focusing on a specific gameplay style.

According to a PlayStation Blog update by Warhawk director Dylan Jobe, completing these scenarios will unlock Trophies – a whole slew of which are also being added in the update. Along with these will be custom soundtrack support (which, when playing your own tracks, automagically mutes the game's score – nice!), new ship paint schemes, more insignias, and a clearer designation for "rookie" servers. The dev team is also tossing in special "ceremonial blades" for Warhawk players who participated in the Global Gaming League team event, which wrapped on July 27.

In concluding his address to the Warhawk nation, Jobe teases the next Booster Pack, dropping a hint: "With one of these equipped, a soldier can escape quickly ... even bail out if needed!" Jetpacks, anyone?

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