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Sony Ericsson's XPERIA X1 gets early date with eBay

Chris Ziegler

In this culture of instant gratification, it's comforting to know that there's at least one source out there for Sony Ericsson's XPERIA X1 well ahead of the official release. An eBay auction expiring this Saturday is offering up (or claiming to, anyway) the opportunity to be the first kid on your block with that sleek, sexy bundle of metal and Windows Mobile -- if, of course, the price is right. It looks like a sale price well above $1,000 is a foregone conclusion at this point, and there's no guarantee that the auction is even legit, so you'd better really want an X1 more than the next guy before plunking down that kind of cash for a prototype. We'll wait, thanks -- not because we're patient, but because we're not old money. Now excuse us while we go sob quietly to ourselves in that corner over there, okay?


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