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Star Trek Online FAQ describes PvP rules

Samuel Axon

Even more Star Trek Online information has beamed in. This time, it's in the FAQ page just published by Cryptic Studios. The FAQ is a good place to catch up on the highlights from the recent revelations, but there's new stuff too.

The most substantial revelation is that there won't be PvP, PvE, or RP server types as in World of Warcraft and other games. There will only be one server type. There will be far-flung regions of space in which open PvP will be possible. In the nuetral zone (the border between factions), consensual PvP engagements will occur. It's implied that PvP will not be possible deep within Federation or Klingon space.

Oh, and the FAQ includes some grim news for certain would-be players. It turns out that you'll actually need an internet connection to play Star Trek Online! Oh man! Say it ain't so! That's unacceptable, right? Maybe we should start a petition.

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