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Around Azeroth: A spirited debate


[1. General] [Obama]: My fellow Alliance, the time has come for a change. The past eight years have left our lands a bankrupt, smoking ruin. We need to shrink the income gap in professions, end the conflict in Alterac Valley, and reduce taxes at the Auction House. Together, we can bring hope back to Stormwind!

[1. General] [Mcain]: While I respect my fellow senator and the enthusiasm he's generated in trade chat lately, I must point out a few things. First off, he only has 30 days /played. Where was he when we were raiding Molten Core and grinding battlegrounds 18 hours a day? He was a councilman in Lordaeron. He has no experience dealing with the Horde, and he has no experience with the problems of real Azerothians. If you elect me, I'll make the changes that really matter, like getting the hunter standing behind me named "Pewpewdontqq" banned.

[Obama] whispers: wtf, way to pander to the blizz fanbois. when'd you join the RP police?

[Mcain] whispers: qq more noob.

[Obama] has challenged [Mcain] to a duel.

(Thanks to Kalaran on Stonemaul, who took the best pic he could of this crowded debate hall.)

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