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EchoStar lines up to make tru2way boxes too

Ben Drawbaugh

When DISH Network and EchoStar split, it really had us scratching our head, but more recently the plan has started to become apparent to us. The latest revelation is that EchoStar has signed on to produce tru2way boxes. Evidently it hopes to steal away some of the business away from Cisco and Motorola. Although many seem to really like the DISH DVR, we're not sure what additional value EchoStar intends to bring to the tru2way scene since the magic of the DISH DVR is in the software. We suppose EchoStar could be offering a package deal that includes the software as well, but really who knows. One thing that does seem apparent -- and a trend -- is that there aren't intentions to sell the box directly to customers, which to us, kinda defeats the entire purpose of the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

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