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Forum post of the day: The thrill and the agony

Amanda Dean

Forticia of Dragonblight does not care for battlegrounds, but was tempted by the Spirit of Competition event to give it a go. She discovered her own secret to finding a little enjoyment in PvP: "Don't look at your health bar." She realized that death isn't permanent and that sometime you just need to jump in do what needs to be done. Other posters joined in with more suggestions:

  • Palpatina of Uldum, "Play smart (i.e. don't let your team down) but don't worry too much about whether you're winning or losing. Enjoy outsmarting and outlasting your enemies. Have fun."
  • Abracapocus of Whisperwind, "I'm frankly amazed at how when I run into a group of Alliance and hit Ice Block, LOTS sit there trying to hit me even though I'm invulnerable"
  • Nevermore of Malfurion, "The secret to enjoying BGs is winning. Sorry, but that's all that does it for me."
  • Kalerender of Thaurissan, "I like to go in, annoy pvp whingers who sook because I'm wearing T6 and not pvp gear, and then 2-3 shot people as a super-duper glass cannon."

I love the battlegrounds, but I understand that not everyone does. I get frustrated when players refuse to work as a team. I enjoy the battleground most when grouped with my buddies so that we can work together toward a given objective. I disagree that winning is everything, but it is a lot of fun. I find it a great way to take out frustration.

Have you gotten into the Spirit of Competition?

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