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Leak Sauce: Sprint's '08 and '09 iDEN lineup gets roadmapped


Sprint's iDEN lineup certainly seems to be alive and well -- despite what we've heard stating the opposite -- with the 2008 / 2009 roadmap boasting 10 new phones by Q2 2009. Starring in the outing -- and arguably its piece de resistance -- is the BlackBerry 8350i, a WiFi equipped, 2 megapixel shooter-toting, GPS-enabled device set to ship in Q4 this year. Also up for grabs in Q4 are the Mil-Spec GPS-enabled Motorola i576, and the mysterious -- we say mysterious as we've no real details yet -- Motorola i776. Q1 2009 ushers in with the QWERTY Motorola Monolith, the walkie-talkie styled rxxxx, what looks to be a Motorola V8, and some barely noteworthy Sanyo set. Motorola's Mil-Spec Immersion, the Sanyo Pro 410, and a Samsung music-centric slider will see us into Q2 next year. Sadly, details are all still very thin, but we suspect the releases will find their way onto these pages in the coming weeks and months.

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