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Onkyo launches floorstanding D-108E speaker, SL-A250 sub in Japan

Steven Kim

No doubt, Onkyo saves some of its choicest goodies for its home market. We can look past the HTIB systems, but we sure would like to see these full-size speakers cross the pond. Besides, they're a better fit for super-sized U.S. domiciles, right? From the Japanese promo material, we piece together that the D-108E floorstanders come in a wood grain or lacquer finish, pack a pair of 8-cm bass/mid drivers alongside a 2-cm tweeter and reach from 55-Hz to 80-kHz (the last 60-kHz are for the dog, perhaps). Okay, so the speakers won't exactly shake your floorboards with bass, but at least the 901-mm (35-inches) height will place the tweeters close to ear level. And besides, you'll be counting on the SL-A250 subwoofer to fill in the bass. The sub's 20-cm (8-inch) cone and 50-Watt amp span 27- to 200-Hz, which should make for an easy crossover to the mains. Pricing is ¥45,150 ($413) and ¥31,500 ($288) for the D-108E and SL-A250, respectively.

[Via AkihabaraNews]

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