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The DNA guest-list grows for Garriott's Operation Immortality

Shawn Schuster

Richard Garriott's Operation Immortality is proving to be quite the attention-grabber lately. Not only that, but more people are signing up to get in on the DNA-sharing action. One of the most recent additions to this project is Matt Morgan, better known as "Beast" on TV's American Gladiators and a professional wrestler for Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling.

Morgan has been called "The Blue Print", in reference to his size and physical build. Some believe he is a blue print for the paradigm of human genetics and physical potential. "The Immortality Drive wouldn't be complete without the DNA from a human physical specimen and who better to fit that bill than The Blue Print himself, Matt Morgan," said Garriott. "I'm thrilled that Matt is on board and that an American Gladiator will be making the trip with me to space."

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